Dress Code

(applies to Links, Balcony, Moran Room and Lumsden Room
exception: wearing of Caps in Moran and Lumsden Rooms)

Only tailored shorts are acceptable and must be associated with knee length socks or sport ankle socks.

(access and exit to and from Moran/Lumsden Room by back stairs only)

Other Requirements are:

Soft spike golf shoes only (access to Moran/Lumsden Room by back stairs only)

• Tennis shorts or other sporting models are not permitted

• Trousers – Should be Full Length Tailored Trousers

• Trouser legs should, under no circumstances, be tucked into socks

• The wearing of denims / combats, jeans is prohibited

• The wearing of trainer shoes/runners and open toed sandals is prohibited

• Juniors may wear smart casual runners.  (The Committee are aware that many modern golf shoes have similar design to trainers/runners).

• Shirts – Should be smart collared shirt or polo shirt, no numbers are permissible on the back of shirts.

• The wearing of collarless, sleeveless, t-shirts and / or football jerseys (GAA, Rugby, Soccer, etc.) is not acceptable

• The wearing of caps/hats is not acceptable except on the links and locker room.

• Formal Jackets must be worn by Members, Visitors and Guests in the Christy O’Connor Room and Dining Room.

• The jacket rule is relaxed for under eighteens during Sunday lunch in the Dining room.

• At formal Club Dinners (i.e. Captain’s Supper, Captain’s Dinner, Captain’s Dinner 5 Day Members, Captain’s Dinner Junior Members and President’s Dinner), a Formal Jacket and Tie must be worn.  Formal jacket and Tie must be worn at all General meetings of the Club e.g. AGM, EGM.


• In the Clubhouse, Mobile Phones may be used in the Hall, the Locker Room and on the Landing.

• Smartphones may be used to access Internet but not to receive or send texts in prohibited areas.

• The use of Mobile Phones on the Links is not permitted, except in exceptional circumstances i.e. medical emergencies or equipment breakdown.

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