Our Location

There are few golf links that are three miles from the centre of a capital city, with all the convenience in access to facilities that implies. The Royal Dublin Golf Club is on Bull Island in Dublin Bay. Accessed via an old wooden bridge (or via the modern causeway for tour coaches), Bull Island is a sand bank formed as a result of the construction of a sea wall in the 1800s (see history section for more).

The Environment

The Bull Island, home to Royal Dublin, is celebrated throughout Europe as a wildlife habitat for its unique collection of flora and fauna, and particularly its large concentration of over-wintering wildfowl and waders. It attracts more bird-watchers than any other location in Ireland. This marine environment, with its diverse wildlife, is a constant source of enjoyment to golfers. Read more here.

How To Find Royal Dublin

Getting to Royal Dublin is easy for the reasons that it is on an island on Dublin Bay and access to Bull Island is via the famous wooden bridge (or the causeway for tour buses). Complete directions from a variety of popular starting points are available here.

Local Attractions

Whether you are seeking fine dining in a cosmopolitan setting, a visit to a 1000 year old pub, or a casual stroll through a quaint fishing village, you will find what you're looking for within a few miles up and down the coast from Royal Dublin. Learn more about the variety of local attractions, including a list of links to useful web sites.

Nearby Accommodation

Being close to Dublin's City Centre, Dublin Airport, and a host of quaint shoreline towns means our visitors have many options when choosing accommodation. We have a number of options listed on the web site, and feel free to contact us for recommendations to suit your individual requirements.

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